November 2, 2007

Six degrees of kosher bacon

baconbikinijpg.jpg Google may have downgraded me as a source on Huckapoo, but I still have the number two result for kosher bacon.

That, presumably, is how Dave Lefkow discovered my site and why he contacted me about his new product, Bacon Salt, "a zero-calorie, vegetarian, kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like bacon."

Dave was kind enough to send me samples of all three varieties of bacon salt, and Gina and I tried them out the other night.

Gina, naturally, read the ingredients first, and pointed out that "seasoning salt" is a somewhat misleadingly mild term for this potent brew of wheat, soy, dairy, natural and artificial flavors, unpronouncable chemicals, sugars and shortenings (a natural version is in the works, but even that is not exactly simple). But if it really makes everything taste like bacon, that's all beside the point, isn't it. This is America after all.

We tried bacon salt on collard greens and hot dogs and, as Gina immediately pointed out, it made them taste exactly like... barbecue-flavored potato chips. It was undeniable: sprinkling bacon salt on your food accomplishes the same thing that emptying the crumbs from a bag of bbq chips onto it would. Now, I happen to like bbq potato chips, but they dont' taste much like bacon, with their cloying faux-smoke flavor and notable sweetness. So I have to say that bacon salt is not yet a kosher substitute for the real thing. Especially if you want to make a bikini out of it.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That top gives a whole new meaning to the term "bacon strip".
Glad she isn't wearing a bacon bottom. Tuna and bacon? eeewww.

Incongruously, a No Limit Holdem Book is prominent...

Or maybe it has some significance?

Well, if this post doesn't kill his faith in viral marketing, nothing will.

It matters, abe. It matters a lot.

They have bacon-flavored potato chips in Japan, and they do indeed taste like bacon -- or, at any rate, a whole lot more like bacon than bbq chips do. I don't know that the seasoning is kosher, though.

Beef fry, if you can find it.

Like I mentioned before...it's here.

Thanks, Charles. Say, do you know Al Lubel?

We've met. I don't know that he'd remember me so it would probably be an exaggeration to say I know him.

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