October 29, 2007

Can you have a contractual obligation without a contract?

New York magazine's feature story on Kurt Eichenwald is just one big bundle of sad. And somehow, I doubt it's the last word on this subject. What do you say, people, can I stop blogging about this already?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


>> For this, he blames a campaign by the convicts he’s exposed, other child molesters he doesn’t even know, random anonymous bloggers,

Dammit, Daniel Radosh, why do you hide behind the cloak of anonymity?

I'm fascinated by:

1. the fact that he named his epilepsy "Michael."

2. The way they just blew past that in the article like it was normal.

Radosh, you can stop blogging about Eichenwald if you like, but the forces of the universe will forbid you from using the word "huckapoo" if you do.

That said, I was bowled over by the revelation that Eichenwald and Berry watched illegal porn together. It was hidden towards the end of France's article, but it's there.

Now, I wonder whether they ...err...uhhh...helped each other out while they watched it.

Please don't stop blooging on this story; I find it endlessly fascinating.

That Eichenweld may have been helping fund the porn site himself was bizarre enough; that he now seems to blame it on "Michael," his epilepsy, is the kind of thing one would be hard pressed to make up.

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