October 25, 2007

Speaking of turkeys

New Yorker Cartoon editor Bob Mankoff will be a guest on the Leonard Lopate Show the day before Thanksgiving. In a tip of the hat to the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, the show is inviting listeners to create their own Thanksgiving cartoons from scratch (i.e., drawings and captions) and post them to this Flickr group.

You know what's coming next, right? I've created my own Flickr group, where you can submit the worst Thanksgiving cartoons possible. Please cross-post to both groups, since from what I can see so far, your bad cartoons are likely to be better than WNYC listeners' attempts at good ones.

Via Emdashes.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


So far, the only anti-cartoon up there is not bad.

I think this is a rich subject area.

I only see one entry. Am I missing something?

I see six cartoons in that group - which "one" do other people see?

I think it's a Flickr thing. Apparently Flickr doesn't make your pictures visible to the public (non-group members) unless you have 5 or more pictures in your Flickr account. WNYC explains it under "discussion" on their contest page:


If you make yourself a group member, you will see all the entries.

In that case, I'll be sure to post entries here so everyone can see them. The good ones, anyway. I mean, the bad ones.

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