October 15, 2007

Bjorn again

I guess when op-ed editors want to find someone to complain about Al Gore's Nobel Prize — someone who's not a complete crazy person that is — their options are limited. Still, it's a little strange that the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald — two directly competing newspapers — ran the exact same essay by "skeptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg on the exact same day. How sneaky must Lomborg be to go through the entire editing process and forget to say, "Oh by the way, your bitter rival is also running this piece tomorrow." (And we know there was an editing process because either the Herald removed an incorrect description of Gore as a "politician-turned-moviemaker" or a Globe editor added it.)

Equally strange, no one seems to have noticed.

Wait, that's not really strange at all. No one reads the Boston Herald.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


This puts that hackneyed movie trope, of the newspaper editor who frets about what the competition has (see "The Paper"; er, except don't see it), into perspective. Nobody gives a shit.

Strange, I wouldn't think the Herald would have cared about getting someone who wasn't completely crazy.

I think Lomborg needs to start wearing Fila head- and wristbands everywhere. Just to fuck with people.

It is for that reason, that when I submit even the most erudite & lucid observations and comments to your blog, when they are censored, I accept their demise as gone and buried in your dead-letter file, with virtually no further chance to be published again. I then write something else, on some subject entirely different for somewhere else, instead. My words of that moment are then forever lost to posterity. No big deal, if I'm to hazard a guess.

RC - I've never censored you, though I have noticed that you often include more than 2 links in your comments. That automatically flags them for approval -- a process that can take a while.

Boston has newspapers now? Fascinating. Who's next, Chicago?

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