October 15, 2007

Close only counts in horseshoes and journalism

CNBC's Julia Boorstin asks rhetorically, "How many people have won a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar?" The right answer is: none. Despite what everyone from the New York Times to the San Diego Union-Tribune seems to think, the Academy Award for Best Documentary actually goes to the person who made the film, not the one who appeared in it. Where's Davis Guggenheim's Nobel? It's an outrage!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


If you rake "Peace" out, though, the right answer is one: George Bernard Shaw, who won an Oscar for the screenplay of Pygmalion.

Not an oscar, but Martin Luther King did win a grammy.

I think Doris Lessing won a Emmy as a writer for Laverne and Shirley.

Guggenheim has Elisabeth Shue, though. Who needs a Nobel Peace Prize when you've got a garage full of memorabilia from Adventures in Babysitting and a couple skids of "Do Something!" t-shirts?

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