October 13, 2007

Scranton, Mexico

If you liked Thursday's episode of The Office, where Michael kidnaps the pizza boy, be sure to watch Duck Season, the utterly charming Mexican indie movie they stole the idea from.

By the way, do these hour-long episodes feel, well, about half an hour too long? Obviously there's no rule that you can't do hour-long television comedy (while you're filling your Amazon cart, you might as well add season one of Slings and Arrows) but it requires a different narrative and comedic rhythm. The extended episodes of The Office play like half-hour shows that forgot to stop.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The IMDb plot keywords for Duck Season are "Bathtub Scene, Gay Slur, Marijuana, Darkness, and Pizza Service."

Or, as I call it, February 9, 1987.

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