October 12, 2007

Clinton-haters for Clinton

Two days ago I said right-wing "talkers and bloggers probably secretly hope [Hillary Clinton] will win so they'll have four years to kick her around for fun and profit."

I should have added, or not so secretly. Randall Terry claims he will work to defeat Giuliani in a Giuliani-Clinton election.

An enemy outside your camp makes you vigilant; an enemy in your tent makes you dead. Hillary would unite us, and she could be defeated in 4 years; Giuliani would destroy the cohesion of the right wing.

I don't actually believe this. It's a scare tactic to challenge Rudy's front-runner status in the primaries, not an actual position for the general. And even if Terry genuinely means what he says, I don't think he's going to win many of his followers to that position.

[Via Sullivan]

Posted by Daniel Radosh




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