October 12, 2007

Sorry, but I can't support a candidate who's pro-torture

I was this close to signing the Draft Gore petition. Then I listened to the group's theme song.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yeah, but campaign songs tend not to be terribly good. I think u shd still sign it.

"How can you lose when you already won?"
Asked and answered.

Gore should indeed run -- for VICE president.

I guess "Eye of the Tiger" was already taken.

It's in tune, sung by someone with a sense of pitch.

The meter is consistent and most of the rhyming words really rhyme.

It's not using a rap beat to express rightous outrage, nor set to video showing clips of tragic events killing thousands of people, synchronized to the beat.

Count your blessings. If this is toture, I advise you never to listen to any "9/11 Truth Movement" protest songs.

I hate you for enticing me to click the link and listen to that crap. Yes, Walt, it's way better than "I'm a Dole man," but so is sodomy by a polar bear.
In the 2008 election I'm writing in that HIV-infected South African Sesame Street muppet. She still alive?

Lovely. I wondered who the Smothers Brothers were supporting after Pat Paulsen's death.

On the plus side, polar bears do enjoy a good cuddle afterwards.

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