October 10, 2007

Well, she's hotter than Monica

riellewhiteheadshot.jpg Bored of the campaign coverage so far? Well, meet Rielle Hunter! The National Enquirer today officially breaks the John Edwards cheating scandal that a handful of bloggers have been buzzing about since Huffington Post's Sam Stein posted an almost comically insinuating item two weeks ago (followed by an even more over-the-top one today) about some mysteriously disappearing web videos.

Mickey Kaus thinks "the MSM seems to be strenuously trying to not report" this story, which is a bit of a stretch, given the flimsy evidence and the short time frame. I'll betcha anything this will be all over the MSM within a week, under the guise, of course, of hand-wringing about what's considered acceptable discourse on the internets (it's still funny!) .

Now clearly the smart money will withhold judgment on this story. While it could be true, it could just as easily be a total crock. Off the top of my head, maybe Rielle Hunter is a headcase who only thinks John Edwards was in love with her — and that's why she got pushed aside. If that theory sounds implausible, spend a few minutes with her loony website. I'm not seeing the firmest grasp on reality there.

On May 4th 2004, enlightenment happened. Meaning, I realized I AM what I've been looking for. And it's my experience that when Self truly realizes Self, the awareness doesn't go anywhere, there is nowhere for it to go. It's always here. Enlightenment is conscious connectedness with It, felt oneness with totality that never goes away. Enlightenment is living a human life as awareness of being 24/7.

Frankly, does this sound like the kind of woman John Edwards would be into? I certainly hope it's not (although if it is, my friend Jake might now consider voting for him over Kucinich).

If the story is true, however, it's probably legitimate news, given how central Elizabeth Edwards has been to her husband's campaign. And while voters might forgive garden-variety cheating, cheating on a wife with cancer...? OK, the affair, if it happened, began and probably ended well before the recurrence, but who has time for such nuance? (One person who doesn't is the Enquirer's source who says Hunter "knew there was no way he was going to leave Elizabeth, a wife battling cancer." Perhaps this should tell you something about the Enquirer's story).

Where is Rielle Hunter (née Lisa Druck) now? Let's just say, the University of Tampa isn't the only one looking for her!

Update: I should point out that the Enquirer doesn't name Rielle Hunter as the Other Woman. That's just Kaus adding two and two. Of course, he used the same math to conclude that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Kaus never said Saddam had WMDs. My bad.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I was trying to read this site at Panera Bread today . . . blocked! ("www.radosh.net: Type = 4: Pornography.")

You're Type 4, dude.

Are we sure the "source" didn't just fall asleep watching "Man of The Year" and wake up very, very confused? (Sorta like how I felt after staying awake through "Man of the Year.")

I'm pretty sure that excerpt you have there is from her new translation of some late Heidegger.

It would have to be very, very late.

Yeah, "late" as in "the late Martin Heidegger."

let's see, a wrinkled new age hippy in her 40's or a chubby 20something with a daddy complex and a desire to please?

i'll take monica.

OK, but she's hotter than Gennifer.

"Rielle" in French means "Sloppy BJ"

Funny how the wayback machine links no longer work...

Who is David Perel? John Edwards knows.

Mr. Perel is the courageous man who is standing up to the lies and distortion of John Edwards and making the case that, at the very very very minumum, that the former coke head TOLD her FRIENDS that she BELIEVES that she is carrying JOHN EDWARD's BABY. Whether it's his or not is not the point.

And, He ain't backing Down!!! He stands by his story that John Edwards is a cheater and that his "love child" is on the way.

In the hierarchy of American tabloids, The National Enquirer, based in Boca Raton, Fla., is considered the most respectable. It boasts the largest newspaper circulation in the country at nearly 3 million. Editor-in-chief David Perel majored in English at the University of Maryland, went to work for the Washington Post and took a year off to travel. He began his career with the Enquirer as a reporter 19 years ago. He is married, with three children and a rabbit.

He's the messenger. So vette him. So John Edwards can join the group of:

Gary Hart, Dick Morris, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwartneggar, and the long list of cheaters that only the tabloids have the courage to out!

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