October 5, 2007

Why even Christians hate Christianity

datomana_1926_22675556.jpeg My post about Christ-followers against Christianity now has statistics to back it up.

Even among young Christians, many of the negative images generated significant traction. Half of young churchgoers said they perceive Christianity to be judgmental, hypocritical, and too political. One-third said it was old-fashioned and out of touch with reality....

When young people were asked to identify their impressions of Christianity, one of the common themes was "Christianity is changed from what it used to be" and "Christianity in todayís society no longer looks like Jesus." These comments were the most frequent unprompted images that young people called to mind, mentioned by one-quarter of both young non-Christians (23%) and born again Christians (22%).

Kinnaman explained, "Thatís where the term 'unChristian' came from. Young people are very candid. In our interviews, we kept encountering young people - both those inside the church and outside of it - who said that something was broken in the present-day expression of Christianity. Their perceptions about Christianity were not always accurate, but what surprised me was not only the severity of their frustration with Christians, but also how frequently young born again Christians expressed some of the very same comments as young non-Christians."

[Via Andrew Sullivan, who has the gay angle.]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


This is one of the best site I ever read about Christians hate Christianity and your information about the percentages of young Christians born against Christianity is really shocking news and thanks for providing the survey information about the young Christians.

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