October 1, 2007

Op-Ed columns: a cross-cultural comparison

Wondering why I am into this today? is the Let me explain of Nigeria.

[h/t Slutwench]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I thought the "Let me explain" of Nigeria was "Wondering why I am contacting you via email when we don't know each other at all?"

Related: Stephen King takes "Let me explain" to SCARY lengths here:

I want to begin by telling you about a typical short-story-hunting expedition at my favorite Sarasota mega-bookstore. Bear with me; there’s a point to this.

BTW, when I read that, I thought, "oh, right, like I'm just going to jump ship thinking that you're rambling for no good reason, but now that you've told me there's a point, yeah, I'll go ahead and read on"... but damned if I didn't think, halfway through that following passage, "what in the hell is he trying to get at here?" So maybe it really was a useful disclaimer.

"The worms in my belly are revolting"
is the
"The hours here are obscene"
of the
"Let me explain"

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