September 29, 2007

Behold, I establish my covenant


After reading my Halo Op-Ed, Marjorie sent me this image from LOLtheist — not knowing that Christian pop culture is always one step ahead of parody.

From The Christian Post:

How to Share Your Faith Using Halo 3...

Halo is all about saving the galaxy from an invading force of aliens. Heroes and villains are locked in an intense battle. In fact, the Master Chief John 117 (the main good-guy hero of the Halo series) has been described as the man who "gave the world faith, gave humanity a future, and made mankind believe again." Does that have echoes of someone else you know? Someone who is not a fictional character, but a real-world Savior who has given humanity faith and a future? The Bible tells us that real-world Someone is Jesus...

Yet while the battle between good and evil on full display in Halo is imaginary, in the real world there really is a cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil!...

What role are you being called to play in the battle for your friends' souls? Are you actively engaged in efforts to 'rescue them' from the clutches of the evil one? If not, step up and use the buzz surrounding Halo 3 to introduce some God-talk into your conversations. Here are some suggestions that might help you bring God up:

- Ask your friends if they believe there is a real cosmic battle being waged between good and evil. Ask them how they explain the reality of evil in the world. How did it get here? Share what you believe about this battle. For help explaining this, check out the GOSPEL Journey.
- There's lots of death and destruction in the realm of Halo. Use this as an opportunity to ask your friends about what they think happens when we die. After you hear their opinion, ask them if you can share what you believe based on what the Bible has to say on this topic.
- Everyone loves heroes who rescue others from destruction. Ask your friends who their real-life heroes are. Ask them if they've ever thought of Jesus as heroic. Perhaps you'll be surprised at what they say. Explain why you think Jesus is heroic.

Saving the world is at the center of Jesus' mission and message. Take this opportunity to let your friends know.

I wonder if Jesus rocks the BXR.

Of course, Marjorie has an excuse (*cough*jew*cough*). The Christ follower who created this satirical Halo Bible study should really have known that reality would trump it.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wow, I wish I had Christian friends who tried to bring up God-talk when we're trying to play video games. How fun would that be?

I'm thinking I would pwn him with some Nietzsche.

Sadly, this reminds me all too well of my childhood. Can't blame them for trying, right? And really, who likes an awkward segue?

I've been using the Rugby World Cup to introduce god-talk into conversation. "I know another long-haired, bearded guy who got people both very excited and very upset, but his nickname was Savior not The Anaesthetist." [http://www.nzherald.co.nz/author/story.cfm?a_id=23&objectid=10442985]

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