September 11, 2007

A short break

Blogging will be light for the next few days. I have jury duty. Which I may have to skip a day of for Rosh Hashana. Apparently, the courts are actually open on the high holidays. I wonder if any lawyers show up.

Anyway, the card below was sent to me by Marjorie Ingall as an example of "sexism in Jewish hipsterism" or something. Aren't chicks adorable? Shana tova!


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Shofar, shogood.

Sure, she sends you this picture, but then later she's all, "No, mister; not while I'm fasting."

Party like it's 5799!

I can imagine how many guys would like to be her chauffeur.

l'shana tovah
here a singer you might enjoy, Daniel (based on your interest in Gemz, Clique, etc)

No Vanessa Hudgens blog!
You're slipping..
La Shana Tovah

Thanks but no thanks, Heeb. I know this girl's type. She grabs your horn in the bathroom at Mo Pitkin's and makes you think she's going to go Teruah-Teruah-Teruah on you all night long, but when you get back to her place and it's go time, she just gives you a couple of half-hearted Shevarims, then puts you down and has a glass of Manischewitz.

Uh, don't take this the wrong way, but have you always been a chick?

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