September 10, 2007

No really, too soon?

I'm sorry, but if you hear "Mexican dynamite truck explosion" and don't think of Wages of Fear, you haven't seen one of the most exciting movies ever made.

Here's a very solid assessment. Warning: Lots of little spoilers, but won't ruin the film for you.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


One of the greatest suspense films ever made. And it's all just shots of tires! I saw it for the first time in the old Thalia Soho, and as a wheel approached a rock you could feel the whole room tense up. When it had successfully made it over, everyone audibly "Whew!d" at the same time, then laughed at themselves for doing so.

Ever see the Friedkin remake? The opening act is actually longer. Ugh. Some worthwhile things, though.

According to Netflix, I rented Sorcerer in January 2002 (a month after watching Wages of Fear) and gave it 3 stars. But I don't remember a thing about it.

wages of fear; one of my favorites...

sorcerer interesting failure, took friedkin's career two decades to recover...

[SPOILER] Sorcerer ends on foot [/SPOILER].

Wages of Fear should be shown in every Driver's Ed class everywhere. You never know when you might have to drive a truck filled with nitro on bumpy dirt roads, you know?

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