September 5, 2007

But you know how hard you try

ygywgrab.jpgNow live: the full video for the Mark Ronson remix of Bob Dylan's Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine).

The video is fun, though like most Dylan tributes, it leans more heavily on nostalgia than the man himself has ever has. The music remix is.... OK. Mostly it left me wanting to listen to the original again.

Not much is really sacred update: Commenter Chris notes that one promotional gimmick for the new CD set allows users to write their own message on the cards from the Subterranean Homesick Blues film. Here's his smart, caustic version. And my juvenile but totally more viral one.

No success like failure update: So I got to thinking, what's the most subversive thing you could do with this? I came up with this and this. Post your best (or worst) efforts in the comments.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Also of interest:

Some of you may have seen this , but if you haven't its worth checking out.
To promote Dylan's newest greatest hits package. It allows the viewer to
make their own version of the text on the the cards for the short film of
"Subterranean Homesick Blues"Bob Dylan goes the way of Fred Astire dancing
with a vacuum cleaner, and Gene Kelly dancing with Baby Stewie.

Ita scary trend where so much culture is appropriated or misappropriated.
On one hand its the stuff I love, but it becomes something quite different
for me when its appropriation solely in the name of commerce. its not
subversive, and with Dylan, I find this sort of sullying history a bit. Like
a put your head into the Zapruder film. Its sacrilegious without the fun of
I am curious on anyone else thoughts

below is my version of it...


Though I liked your take enough to link it above, one might well note that the original film was also created to sell albums.

It's lame, but here is my attempt.

I couldn't resist.

That's Allen Ginsberg in the background, isn't it?

Here's mine.

Christian - fixed your link. Love your punchline.

Here's a brilliant one from J

Re: The "brilliant one from J" -- it was fairly funny, but wouldn't a lot of Dylan fans know that the video was filmed in an alley near London's Savoy Hotel? Takes some of the wind out of an NYU dorm joke.

Good point. Also, now that I think about it, my claim that it was created to sell albums is debatable.

My last comment was to Jonathan, of course. Anyway, the wind is really out of that joke now that you've, um, given away the punchline.

That's what I get for fact-checking (or caring, really). I'd heard a long time ago (probably when I was a freshman living in an NYU dorm) that this was shot on Greene St. Oh, well. Joke's on me.

Oh, sorry. It's a bad thing to rob the world of even a little piece of comedy. Maybe I haven't given away the punchline so much as given an appetite-whetting teaser of it?
Still, once again, I am sorry.

All the good ones have already been done!

So here's mine.

Here's one from mypalmike.

Here's an unintentionally funny one I found via technorati. I don't think Dylan in any of his religious phases would have signed off on this.

Here's one. It's okay. Maybe I'll think of something better later.

I'm totally late to this party but whatever.

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