September 3, 2007

Honey, I'm Home (b/w Caption Contest News)

OK, this is scary. Most people who sublet their apartment when they go away on vacation pray only that it will still be standing, with no heirlooms broken, when they return. But to come back and find that the visitors have left the place in better shape than they found it? That's against the order of the universe. From Guilfoile scripting a Law and Order episode before our eyes to Shay going Halo on Mahalo to Slutwench going all the way to Turkey to bring back the best example ever of the let me explain meme -- honestly, you probably wish these guys were around more.

And blogging isn't even what they do best. Shay is the author of a very funny and surprisingly touching novel called The End As I Know It, about a young man in 1998 who is desparate to persuade his friends and family of the imminent danger of the Y2K bug. Guilfoile is the author of a very smart and not-so-surprisingly scary novel called Cast of Shadows, about a doctor who uses crime scene evidence to clone his daughter's murderer. And Slutwench is the author of one of the most popular pages on Adult FriendFinder.

Thanks to them for a great week.

P.S. The New Yorker is off this week, so there's no new caption contest.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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