August 29, 2007

Before the Larry Craig Scandal They Surely Thought It Was Their Last Chance to Get the Word 'Cornhole' in the Wall Street Journal

Not sure what it signifies, but today's story on Beer Pong marked the second WSJ middle column in two months to profile a fledgling cottage industry springing up around a Middle-America drinking game. Two months ago (in the same space, with the same Chicago dateline, but a different byline) the paper ran a very similar story about the Midwestern beer-in-one-hand game called "Bags," but also known as "Cornhole" in some parts.

Even if the article doesn't interest you check out what is surely the most comprehensive and professionally drawn infographic explaining the rules of Beer Pong in existence:


Posted by Kevin Guilfoile


It's called Beirut!

Oh nuts! Beirut! I was going to bring that up. Don't you think that a game involving ping pong balls and binge drinking that also goes by the name "Beirut" requires a graf or two of exposition?

Anyone have the backstory on that?

A lack of "journalistic curiosity" is my theme this week.

Yeah, that's Beirut. Beer Pong involves paddles and is only for ADs.

I though all the rage in college binge drinking these days was the ice luge.

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