August 28, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, your next Attorney General

OK, I'm just gonna go out on a limb and call it right now: Harriet Miers.

I mean, it works on so many levels. A) It passes the SPM test: Can you imagine a Stupider Possible Move? I didn't think so. That's always been a reliable predictor of this administration's actions. B) It's a great way to spit in the face of the hardcore 27% of voters who still inexplicably support you. C) She's owed.

Posted by Kevin Shay


The SPM is definitely Miers. But there's no shortage of unprincipled loyalists with law degrees in the Bush circle.

Second and third place for stupid moves are probably John Bolton and John Yoo.

That is rich! But I can just see him doing that...

Mike Chertoff, Brownie's boss. But only if he makes the announcement on the second anniversary of Katrina. Otherwise, it's not as stupid as it could possibly be.

For someone who'd be loyal because his career and reputation depend on Bush and who shares his general outlook on the world vis a vis human rights and the rule of law I'd have to say Osama but I think Yoo has a pretty good chance, too. Of course Larry Craig'll need a job. And Santorum's free. Boy their team has a real depth of talent, doesn't it? Or density, whatever, I'm not science.

This story even reached me out here in the boonies. My Rovian take: Olsen. Bush is just floating Chertoff so Ted looks like a reasonable alternative.

Their is a stupider possible move. The Senate could confirm Ms. Miers on the grounds that, as Biden said of another disastrous confirmation, "The president deserves to have his choice."

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