August 21, 2007

Took a woman like you to get through to the man in me

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes's impressionistic biopic I'm Not There. Even better: David Cross as Allen Ginsburg.

I'd say she captures him pretty well. The just-released official trailer has brief clips of the other five Bobs. Hard to say at this point whether the movie will be brilliant like Velvet Goldmine or just a fascinating mess like Masked and Anonymous (which despite what you may have heard is worth a rental, and not only for the amazing music).

Update: Best YouTube user comment: "what the fuck?... Tell me anyone is gonna be able to whach that without thinkin... 'thats a fuckin chick playin a dude!'. the director or casting person should be shot.... by a chick dressed as a dude"

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Oh, good. I was afraid they'd forget to include a giraffe.

I'm a huge Dylan fan and I love Cate as Bob!

Much better then the casting in "Renaldo and Clara."

There, Dylan was played by...WAIT A MINUTE if you know so much about Dylan why don't YOU tell me who played Dylan in that classic cult film. (Dylan was "Renaldo," of course).

Also,as long as we're doing "Dylan-movie-characters-for-$100,Alex." What was the name of the character played by Dylan in the 1987 film "Hearts of Fire?" How bout "Masked and Anonymous" (Hint the tribute band was called "Simple Twist of Fate")

Tick, tock, tick tock

(NO Googling!)

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