August 14, 2007

There's hope for Clique Girlz yet!

pb2.jpg Remember Prussian Blue, the White Power Pop duo you first read about here and who later went on to become a media, if not musical, phenomenon? Back when, several commenters noted that when they hit their teens, there'd be, in Vance's words, "a teen rebellion phase so intense as to... blast the swastika off the proverbial horse."

Get ready. Jezebel has a clip from a new British documentary in which Lamb and Lynx, now 15, begin distancing themselves from all that racism stuff, to the horror of their shrewish, batshit crazy mom — who at one point calls Lynx a "cunt." Isn't British TV awesome?

The longer excerpts on YouTube temper Jezebel's optimism a bit. From the few minutes I watched, it seems that the girls have some way to go before they can officially be considered redeemed. It's possible mom's vision for the band will ultimately win out. Do the girls even have enough talent to draw an audience not based on ideology? Previously I would have said no way, but more recent recordings suggest that they could cultivate a lo-fi key of Z approach that might draw in the WFMU crowd.

Here's my promise, girls: repent publicly, dig up something to send mommy to prison (fake it if you must), and I'll be the first in line to download a pirated copy of your next CD.

[Hat tip: Abby]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I give them a year until rehab.

(Also, don't worry about pirating...I'll get a promo and burn it for you.)

I just reread my comment at your instigation above. What the hell proverb has a horse with a swastika on it? Bizarre.

I watched all 5 parts on YouTube. It broke my heart to see those girls being thrown between two extremely conflicting belief systems within their own family. Not only the twins, but poor, sweet little Dresden too.

And yes, British TV is awesome.

Hey! So glad you got the info. I'm a bit late. I've had my head in the sand studying for my licensure exam, and I took it on Thursday. Yay!

Anyhoo, fascinating tale. It's a real lesson in brainwashing. Kids are easy, but yeah... they rebel. I can't wait to see the whole thing. As a child psychologist, I find it to be fascinating stuff.

youtube took the video down post the videos again

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