August 11, 2007

I don't know if I'm excited or depressed

cliqueretro.jpg Remember Clique, the girl band that I promised was going to be the next big thing and that several of you pleaded with me to stop blogging about because it was creeping you out? Well they're now called Clique Girlz, they've been signed to Interscope and they have a track on the Bratz soundtrack.

I give them a year till rehab.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


At what stage, Dan, do you just chuck the whole ironic detatchment pretense & start just the molesting process?

Is it just me or did they get about fifty times better since the last time I listened to them? Good old major label $$$... (Though to be honest I don't really remember 'em from last time out.)

I've followed these girls from their fledgling steps till now and their great success in being signed to one of the largest and most successful record labels in the world. Interesting comment about rehab. Recent news/magazine publicity about rebelious young starletts aside, these girls have a good head on their shoulders (as well as thousands of fans around the world) and they have made it to where they are by their amazing charisma and vocal talents. Seems to me that we should be happy for them and optimistic about their bright futures instead of making cracks about their possible future mistakes? And perhaps a reminder is in order..if you google Clique Girlz (as I did) you come apon this very blog where you can read rants/raves/critisisms about them from people who don't even know them. They can read and they have feelings too.

The Clique Girlz might just be the next big thing in music, but what would make you think that they will be in Rehab? Those 3 young girls are certianly talented, they have a strong mind and they are very hard working to get them to where they are today. Just because all those other "teenie boppers" are in rehab, does not mean they will be. They are successful young stars and deserve the credit they've earned, but not comments saying they will be in rehab in the future.

The rehab comment was uncalled for. I'm happy for the girls. My kids love their music. Kudos to Clique Girlz. Good work and congratulations!

These young talented girls are amazing. i love their song and i can gurantee they will success. So why would u give them a year of rehab??They do not need rehab, and theyre not just young little girls.Clique Girls are equally talented with others, and i dont think u should post some rude comments about them cause ppl like us fans doesnt feel good in reading it.
Clique Girls and every singers worked really hard to acheieve their goals so please dont say rude things about them. thanks

Hey, it looks like Clique Girlz have people payed to write blog comments about them! Good for them! That's artistic success!

Hmmm paid bloggers? A novel thought, however, I spoke the truth...and I have the empty pockets to prove it lol! Real artistic succes does not equal having to PAY people to say positive things about you. I left my comment because its what I believe. Kudos to Clique Girlz for being talented enough that people want to say those good things about them without monetary compensation. Now thats REAL artistic success!

I like these girls! These girls are working very hard to get where they are at now! I for one am a music fan, I think clique Girlz are very good at what they do, Why judge them? People say the samethings about Backstreet Boys and look, they are coming with a new album! So, I know everyone has an opinion and that is fine...But don't bash them! No one put me up to this, I am doing this because I feel bad for them!

Re:DANIEL RADOSH founder of RADOSH.COM (a web gossip site)

There were media reports that ONE Daniel Radosh was arrested on Dec. 2, 2005 for soliciting an underage girl from his home computer. Apparently this was in a chat room had set up a sting, a police officer impersonating a minor online. State Police has also run stings sine the NBC Dateline reports. Apparently Radosh was arrested solely on the basis of the online conversation, and not later when he tried to meet the supposed minor. It was not clear if the software used was an Instant Messaging application (like AOL’s AIM or something similar, often used by moderators of chat rooms). It was also not clear whether another person (that is, a hacker) could have impersonated the alleged violator from a computer other than a computer under control of the suspect (at home or at work or in a public terminal). Because it took about a month for the arrest to happen, we presume that police performed some forensics to satisfy themselves that the suspect had not been impersonated, but this sounds like a possible risk when an arrest is made on the basis of online conduct only (without the attempt to have a physical meeting later, which is usually the case in these arrests). Police would be able to examine the suspect’s home and work computers, of course, but not until they had probable cause and a search warrant. This is a disturbing incident.

SICK !!!

Come on, you know damned well whether you're excited or depressed.

I just hope you're not too excited, and that I won't be dragged in on some sort of conspiracy charge for introducing the four of you.

Unfortunate, now that I see BIG R's comment (obviously true, as true as this is "a web gossip site" (I run a non-web gossip site, myself)).

But if you do get Chris Matthews'd, will you still log in to judge the cartoon caption contest entires? Cool, thanks.

Wait wait wait -- the Bratz soundtrack? Good lord.

Yikes, attack of the cliqz mobz, I guess they've got big money behind them now (or at least the parental units have figured out how to use a google!)

but seriously, BIG R, i'm not sure what the point of your post is except to prove that lies can be posted on the web with little consequence. If this were another media you would be sued for libel of course. But as it is, I do hope Daniel removes your comment for it is just in bad taste.

And as it seems there is to be a deluge of barely literate visitors to the blog with limited ability to comprehend subtle literary devices such a sarcasm and irony, I would like to point out in as obvious a way as possible that;

Daniel's only interest in pre-teen bubble gum groups is in illustrating the sick and twisted working of an industry (and parents) quite willing to pander to pedophiliac impulses in the effort to create the next Brittany Spears or Backstreet Boys.

No doubt my effort (and Daniel's) is wasted because these people do not find anything wrong with Brittany's behavior.

I checked out their music & I was impressed.

OK, now I'm officially depressed. These girls want to be big stars and they can't handle one gentle rehab joke from an obscure blogger without issuing an action alert? That doesn't bode well for their ability to navigate these treacherous shoals. I'm revising my estimate to nine months.

Jake: Why should I remove Big R's comment? He's writing about the founder of something called Radosh.com, not Radosh.net. I don't know who that other Radosh is, but it sounds like he's in big trouble!

I think you're making a big mistake in assuming these people have a sense of humor.

I guess I'm glad I didn't include my joke about how the one in the middle with the shades will probably only last about seven months, because (1) yeeeeesh and (2) the joke was made in due time anyway. Kudos all around, comment thread.

How rude.
Ariel is such a nice girl!

For you to say something like that about them is just hurtful.
You probably HARDLY even know them.

I heard reports that the Clique girls aren't very good at math, which too bad because these days cute little girls can grow up to be astronauts and doctors and engineers and busiess leaders, but not if they don't work hard at math.

And if they want to grow up to be busiNess leaders, they'd better practice their spelling a little bit more too!

I looked at their page and I must admit...love the music. And wtf was that previous comment about math skills? Yeah, just pull some stupid comment out of the ether when you can't find anything constructive/intelligent to say . Way to go that's good blogging there partner. I wish Clique Girlz much good fortune in their endeavors. Go be super stars and live your dreams while us sorry @ss mugs sit here and envy and blog idiocy on the internet.

I can understand peoples lack of faith when it comes to up and coming starlets. Recent negative publicity about Britney and Lindsey aside, I think these girls are different. I read on their website that they donated their talent and time to sing the theme song for Alex's Lemonade? It's an organization that funds research for childhood cancer. I saw a pic of them signing autographs at a fund raiser. My girlfriend almost lost a child to leukemia at 4 years old. That says alot to me about their character. Thanks Clique Girlz. Whens the last time any one of us gave $$$ to a charity like that?

Yeah I listend to some of their songs. They were pretty good. It's been a while since I gave to any charity. They donated the theme song? Cool. Makes me want to go volunteer at my local homeless shelter for some reason. Things that make you go "hmmmm" - Kevin

Hey... the "I give them a year until they are in rehab' was apparently a joke. Don't get so bent out of shape about it people. It's wry humor. Look at the Divas of today. Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole... Okay, It will actually take about 2 years.

Walt - That math rumor is totally false. Recent news reports indicate that Destinee recently scored an 87 on a fractions test. However, it is true that they are falling behind in biology, due largely to Ariel's refusal to dissect frogs, on that grounds that it's "just icky."

More on this story as it develops.

A year until rehab is simply outrageous. Britney and Lindsay each took about 7 years to get there. Even Drew Barrymore managed like 8 rehab-free years after Poltergeist.

I give 'em five years until the first Playboy pictorial, though. (Seven if it's an all-three-at-once thing.)

Hey, you hater,what have these girls done to you?Do you envy them, cause they´re talented, pretty and nice?Stop writing stupid stuff bout them and find yourself something to do....

Actually (though I don't think I'm the hater that Magda is addressing) I regret that they've gotten involved in a cynical business that, judging from past history, is very likely, over the course of the next few years, to elevate and promote their sexuality above all other concerns including their charitable spirits and their musical talent. And I'm appalled to see that so many people out there are organized for no other purpose than to help grease that slide for them. Shame on all you exploiters.

I think that you people are sick minded, how could you say that to such young pure beautiful girls. Maybe you should find a new hobby instead of trashing people you don't know. GET A LIFE!

Those girls are so. cute.

I have nothing of insight to say. But they really are cute. I'd hate to see them go Britney's route (have you heard her new single? It ruined my night)

the Clique girlz started as Dance music singers. They actually started performing, using my songs. Then the record company obliged them to turn to R'n'b, and my songs were dropped out of the project.
Not fair. They could have at least shown some gratitude by including one of my songs in the new album!!!
After all, I spent months recording the songs, for nothing.

Where is this page of theirs?!

OMG! Have you seen their new WEBSITE!


IT"S AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I think these Girlzzzz are FABULOUS!
True STARSSS!!!!


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