August 1, 2007

Cam whorecrux

Speaking of Debbie Nathan, she just destroyed what was left of Kurt Eichenwald's career.

We learned in court today that it was not just a matter of one $2,000 payment (which Eichenwald says was repaid by Berry's grandmother). Eichenwald used a fake name and address to give Berry even more cash before he started working on the story. It seems these covert payments also slipped Eichenwald's mind, even when jolted by the sight of his $2,000 check to Berry which surfaced in evidentiary proceedings in a Michigan courtroom earlier this year.

Could this be why Eichenwald wanted so badly to scare people off this story? Threatening to sue other journalists is frowned on in journalism circles under any circumstances. Doing so because you have something to hide would be unforgivable. As, of course, would paying for a story and then lying to your editor about it (and let's not even get into the kiddie porn conspiracy theories bubbling under the surface here).

I have no personal feelings toward Eichenwald one way or the other. I haven't been gleefully awaiting his downfall or anything. Indeed, I always thought he was pretty sharp and did good work. If there's one reason I've continued to post on this topic, it's that I feel a little betrayed. The first time I posted about KE it was to praise his commitment to transparency.

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there should be a formal illustrious RADOSH AWARD.

No one seems to be able to see the forest for the trees. It isn't the secret payments, it's what happened right after the money was paid. Berry had been out of the cam whore business for about 6 months when Eichenwald discovered him. Eichenwald sends him a bunch of money and low-and-behold Berry goes back into business. Berry stays in business (roughly 2 weeks) just long enough to get a sizable customer list. Eichenwald then "saves" Berry from his evil life, and gets him an attorney who trades the list to the Feds for Berry's immunity.

Yep, that's one of the conspiracy theories I didn't want to get into.

I hardly see that as a conspiracy theory. More like a statement of facts surrounding events that Eichenwald would rather forget.

Right now we're jumping the gun a little bit. The story will break bigtime next week when the court unseals the pleadings and documents related to Eichenwald's motion to quash the subpoenas. I can't wait to read Eichenwald's affidavit. It appears that he is claiming that he forgot the additional payments as well as the $2,000. I'm a somewhat surprised as Eichenwald's Motion was a bit of a "Hail Mary" play. In order to win in practical terms Eichenwald would have had to both win the motion and get the court to agree to keep the matter sealed. He lost on both counts. My gut feeling is that the New York Times will report on the matter Sunday in order to beat the unsealing of the records.

Generation Q apparently got an early peek at what is in the PACER documents that will be unsealed early next week. If this is accurate, then Eichenwald is deader than dead professionally speaking: here is the most significant part of their timeline:

"June 6 2005: “McDonald” pays Greg Mitchell (Berry's partner and webhost) and Justin $311.

June 8: Kurt Eichenwald writes a $2,000 check and express mails it to Justin Berry and Greg Mitchell in Virginia.

June 9: Justin Berry uploaded pornographic material to his PC. The images included shots of the minor referred to as Taylor. These photographs were shot at approximately 1 AM and uploaded to his computer at 4 AM.

June 14: “McDonald” pays Greg and Justin $200 via PayPal.

June 17: On June 17th 2005, Justin Berry creates a JustinsFriends.com account for 'McDonald.'"

It should be noted that on June 17 Berry's site was still dormant. It did not go back online until June 19th.


If this makes you feel better, Eichenwald's a total prick. Insufferably condescending and narcissistic, w/a propensity to wear "ball-crushingly tight jeans" (an expression I lifted from an article on Tony Blair).

(and let's not even get into the kiddie porn conspiracy theories bubbling under the surface here).

Why not get into them. Innocent people are sitting in jail because of what these two men JB and KE have done. So I think it's important to go there.

People who really molest children and really make kiddie porn should go to jail. People who don't and are innocent like Tim Richards and Aaron Brown should not be in jail.

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