July 19, 2007

I'll Huff and I'll puff

Here's the kind of mensch Rachel Sklar is. She responded to my assault on her Harry Potter freak-out by inviting me to repackage it as an official Huffington Post blog entry, now up under the title Don't Cry Over Spoiled Hallows.

Also, she totally won the Obama Girl catfight and everything you've heard about her rack is 100% true.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I respect that between comment and full-blown column you bothered to have the page count fact checked.

Good. I was pretty shocked by Sklar's slavish devotion to a publicity gimmick. I'm also glad you kept your head and didn't attack that in particular and use the phrase "false consciousness," as I would've done, ruining any claims to being a voice of reason. Because, you know, only the insane think behavior can be explained. It's like someone (other than BoingBoing) getting upset over a Hamburglar redesign.

I find the whole Harry Potter thing really depressing. My parents, who introduced me to Melville and Kafka when I was a kid(and Scarry and Herge and Moomins, they weren't sickos), now read Harry Potter.

Well, I don't see anything wrong with reading for pleasure, TG. But Sklar just threw a rod there.

Nice piece. My favorite quote:

"it is foolish, and troubling, to say that the New York Times should tailor its news coverage to the wishes and sensibilities of children (chronological or emotional)."

I laughed.

There is no other reading but pleasure.

I tried to make that sound as bloodlessly unfun as possible.

Good work!

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