July 9, 2007

Cuddle Bunny was taken

From a Washington Post article on the degaragification of garage bands:

Adrian Muñoz, 27, said he works at a sign store in Herndon because his boss lets his metal band, Snuggle, jam there after hours.

His metal band Snuggle? Google finds the context:

"We took it from the fabric softener," the Herndon High School grad said.

Prior to their current incarnation, the band was known as Full-Blown AIDS. Perhaps somewhat predictably, they found it difficult to win fans and convince club owners to let them play.

So, in 2003, the band gathered and decided that a name change was in order. "We said, ‘Let’s go in the opposite direction,’" Muñoz said. "When we were discussing [it] there was a commercial on TV. We thought it was a sign."

And he should know, working in a sign store and all.

Posted by Daniel Radosh



Couldn't they just downgrade to HIV?

Similar thing happened to the Canadian band AIDS Wolf. Their album sales have quadrupled since they stopped performing as Full-Blown AIDS Wolf.

What if the band mewntioned in this posty put an equal sign between "Full Blown" and "Aids?"

[Like this:
Full Blown = Aids]

Then it could be seen as both a band name AND a PSA.

(PS: If that fails they could do the old bar band and trick and call themselves "Free Beer." Advt.the gig in the paper--"Free Beer Sat. Nite at McCabe's!"-- and the place'll be packed.)

Yet another band follows the path of Billy & The Boingers.

Isn't that ironic? Dontcha think?

Actually it would be but I've seen that Sunggle bear and he's a creepy-ass mother funker. Also, according to WikiPedia, Mickey Dolenz is his voice.

Too bad the name Snuggle is already taken by some band in Seattle. In this day and age, would you really name your band without at least a quick google to see if it's already in use?

i saw this and immediately thought of my friend's band SNUGGLE in seattle. i thought this may be about them. lame!

This is Adrian from Snuggle. We actually did Google the name when we took it back in 2003. We checked again when we got our Myspace page and we never found anyone else. I think we've been around longer than the Seattle band. We actually sent them a message on Myspace about a year ago asking them how long they've been around but they never replied.

It doesnt really matter since neither of us are National bands. We will never be signed or tour so there shouldnt really be a conflict. If they did get big we would consider just giving up the name, its actually hurt more than help us anyways.

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