July 4, 2007

We Can Firework It Out

A little late in the day, I know, but from the indispensible Shorpy comes a batch of Independence-Day-themed photos:
Independence Day: 1939, Going Strong: 1918, Preparing for the 4th: 1936, Lincoln: 1942, Miss Liberty: 1942, Parade Day: 1942, Fort Belvoir: 1943, An Old-Fashioned Fourth (1922).

Posted by Kevin Shay


These are nice. The Uncle Sam with the bayonet is interesting. The propoganda posters from this era were usually prettier and less belligerent (i.e. the ones done by Orr, Coffin, and Christy). This reminds me more of the WWII war bond posters.

Okay, okay, lessee... for this one: "Christ, what an..." oh wait, these are already captioned.

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