June 26, 2007

If the Chicago Tribune were on anyone's list of 50 favorite newspapers, this would really mean something

Once again, the Chicago Tribune has named The Week (where I have a part-time gig) one its 50 favorite magazines.

By way of context, ChiTrib also likes Vanity Fair because it's still able to land scoops such as "Big Throat's Identity." A giraffe, right?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Actually this week's worst best-of list award goes to ABC News for its list of 100 Blogs We Love which not only fails to include links to the much-loved blogs but doesn't even provide the urls.

This was the real head-scratcher for me:

Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine. Southwest has the best in-flight magazine to be found in a crusty seat pocket in front of you. We were surprised by a recent cover story on the online phenomenon "Second Life," complete with a big, glossy photo of an avatar on the front. There's the usual stuff on spa vacations and "7 Things to Do in Nashville," sure, but even these articles seem well thought out.

Does the Second Life hype balloon know no boundaries???

Actually one of my friends at The Week recently left to become the e-i-c at Spirit. I haven't actually seen the magazine, but it does have a reputation as being not just another inflight magazine. But yeah, Second Life... actually, it's probably worse that ChiTrib doesn't recognize the overhyped story (especially now) than that Spirit ran with it.

And to tie it all together - I just wrote a piece for my friend about blogs. Apparently they're all the rage! Maybe Spirit is going backward in hype-time.

BTW, ABC News' mistake was simply cutting and pasting the original article without including the html tags.

I for one think nailing down the identity of Big Throat should be lauded.

Dangerous drugs such as cough syrup would be more heavily restricted, and more lives saved, were it not for the behind-the-scenes machinations of Big Throat.

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