June 22, 2007

Oh great, now Michael Moore is stealing jokes from Tony Hendra

sicko.jpg hillaryspy.jpg

Update. Yeah, I know.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Are you suggesting it was SPY that pioneered the grinning doctor/rubber glove bit?

Do you seriouly think the Moore ad is rip off? Or maybe a reworking of a doctor gag that's been around well before SPY came and went. (Just wondering)

You know what's awesome about that amazon link? The automated statement saying "7 of 7 people found this image helpful." I'll bet they did!

Yes, it's a major ripoff. It's not just the picture -- The caption is exactly the same: "This may hurt a little." Take another look.

They probably figured that, since Spy has been defunct for so long, nobody would notice. Wrong!

Actually, it was at least partly a joke about the oft-heard claim that Spy invented every joke ever. I wouldn't be surprised if the Spy cover was the inspiration, but it's at least equally plausible that both Hendra and Moore are giant hacks.

Actually, it was at least partly a joke about the oft-heard claim that Spy invented every joke ever.

Separated at Birth, for instance?

Alright Ned, if it is such a "major ripoff," why is Hil putting the glove on her right hand and M.M. is opting for his left hand?

Also, a Google search of the expression yielded more than 10,000 hits. While a handful referenced the movie, not one mentioned the SPY cover. (Most predated it.)

And, while I have you, how does this merit a "major" ripoff? You remind me of that dick Bill O'Reilly with his "far left," "extreme left," and "off the charts left." (Gratuitious adjectives are a pet peeve of mine, that's all I'm saying.)

I should point out that what made me think of the Spy cover is that unlike all the other examples found, both jokes are specifically about reforming America's health care system. Again, it's an obvious joke to make (and the punchline lands differently) so that doesn't prove anything. I was just struck by the similarity.

By the way, historians interested in why Spy collapsed under Hendra might want to look not just at the lame joke, or the poor (pre-?) photoshop job, but at that FONT.

Daniel, can we expect you to continue your vendetta against Moore throughout the coming media blitz? From what I've seen so far he seems to have matured a bit, and my impression is this whole "health care" thing is a "worth cause." Of course, like most do-gooders, he's probably just in it for the chicks.

also, he says "might," and she says, "may."

Y'know, now that I think about it, I can confidently say I've never used that phrase before performing a digital rectal exam on any of my patients. This is probably because DRE's, for the most part, are not physically painful, regardless of how mentally distressing they might be. Keep in mind that the calibre of the average stool is larger than the average index finger.

Oh, hell. Did I just kill the funny again?

Regardless of the blatant ripoff cover, it's a worth seeing the movie.

(That's my Italian voice...)

Just in case anyone happens across this...

Here's yet another use of the same theme that appeared right around the time of this thread:


I think it's safe to say this is the most inept treatment yet. Why is the patient's head finger-shaped? Why is the "doctor" pantsless, other than he must be for the "joke?" For a fairly obvious gag, there's a whole lot of desperation goin' on here.

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