June 6, 2007

The funniest trailer you'll see today

The trailer for The Ten has arrived. This is the movie hailed by all the finest blogs as the "funniest...you'll see this year!"

As a sign of how funny it is, it's not really possible to convey the humor in a trailer. Without context, the jokes don't quite land. But watch it through. The part that best captures the movie's sensibility is at the end, when the narrator names all the stars. Anyway, whether you like the trailer or not, I'm still confident you'll love the film.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I was about to say that The Decalogue had all the Ten Commandment-related laughs I'll ever need... but I have always wanted to watch Winona Ryder fuck a little wooden boy.

A little wooden boy other than Conor Oberst.

This looks pretty sweet. And you're right, the end credits were the bit that actually had me laughing out loud.

J beat me to the Decalogue joke. I was going to go with an "Office" theme. Hadn't entirely worked it out yet. Something something Zbigniew Zamachowski something something Liev Schreiber something something.

I've already seen "Hot Fuzz" (3 times) so I've already seen the funniest movie of the year but that name bit really slew me.

knocked up is the funniest movie of the year, but daniel said funniest trailer of the day, which i guess might be true as long as i don't watch any other trailers.

Finest blogs indeed.

Knocked Up is very, very funny but The Ten is funnier.

the funniest trailer you will see today


(too bad I don't know how to do that link thing)

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