May 28, 2007

They're not laughing with you

junglejamvariant1_m.jpgI'm not going to get sucked in to blogging endlessly about this Creation Museum stuff, but this remark from founder Ken Ham's blog is too funny to pass up.

While the ribbon-cutting ceremony was underway, an evolutionist group opposing AiG flew a banner saying "Defcon says thou shalt not lie." Many of the media reps chuckled when I said that the people responsible for this banner did not believe in the Bible as the absolute authority and didn't believe in the God of the Bible and therefore had no basis for deciding right or wrong, and thus logically could not accuse us of a lie!

Once you understand that this how creationists use the word logically, there's very little more that you need to know.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Are you soliciting anti-captions for this? I think there is potential...

"Nakedness? What's thaaat?

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