May 18, 2007

Because what I need is 501 movies in my Netflix queue

paprika.jpg I've never been an anime fan. Oh sure I pretended to like Akira back in high school, but the truth is giant robots and tentacle rape never really did it for me. I still enjoy the occasional Miyazaki film — I loved Spirited Away — but when I tell that to Netflix, it starts recommending ridiculous TV serials about exploding schoolgirls. It doesn't tempt me to explore the genre further.

All of which is to say that the trailer for the new film Paprika is amazing. It makes me want to see the movie immediately — despite the apparent giant robots and tentacle rape. I vaguely recall reading about director Satoshi Kon's other films: Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue. I wasn't enticed at the time, but maybe I should have been. Has anyone seen them? Are they worth a look?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's an unfair generalization to say that anime is all giant robots and tentacle rape. You're overlooking the robot rape.

And the robotic tentacles. That rape.

I'm just waiting for someone to say, "Those aren't robots, they're mechs."

Those aren't tentacles, they're... well, okay, I guess they're tentacles.

But what's J. Jonah Jameson doing in there?

Millennium Actress is at #293 in my Netflix queue. I'll let you know.

I say this as someone who liked Spirited Away and Cowboy Bebop and not much else: Perfect Blue is great. The anime Hitchcock, only with reality-bending and J-Pop.

I'm not completely sold on Perfect Blue, but Millenium Actress is great, as is his limited anime series Paranoia Agent, which is one of the most disturbing things you'll ever see on TV.

Tokyo Godfathers is also pretty good.

Millenium Actress is brilliant. Perfect Blue is not -- and there's some sexual violence in it that is really disturbing. (and so you know where I stand: Miyazaki YES Akira CRAPOLA.

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