May 17, 2007

Impeach Bush again!

Just over a year ago I said Bush should face impeachment over domestic spying. As of this week, there is no longer any question about that.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"SHOULD face?"

That is not a prediction. That is an opinion. So what you are saying is you still feel that way. Yes, and...

When Clinton was first elected, by Dad, (a rock-ribbed Republican) predicted: "Just watch, his dick will get his ass impeached." Now that, my friend, is a prediction.

Well, I never said it was a prediction. In fact I still confidently predict, as I would have then, that Bush will not be impeached.

What I'm saying is that a year ago I considered it a reasonable argument. Now I consider it a necessity.

But yeah, I totally wish I had a pithy and raunchy one-liner to express it.

"This ass'll get his Dick impeached"?

(Also not a prediction, of course)

Radosh and the freepers, together at last....

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