May 14, 2007

Next week: Luke Gopnik's MySpace

Bringing together for the first time people who read 40,000 word articles about chalk and people who want to know where Nathan Petrelli stands on healthcare, it's the New Yorker's first ever foray into alternate reality gaming.

The online version of Larry Doyle's Shouts and Murmurs, which is about a wedding, features more than a dozen off-site links. Most of these are to actual, non-humor-value-adding sites, but a handful lead to pages created especially for this piece, including a wedding page, the bride's blog, a movie trailer, and the long-awaited return of the burning torch icons. Together, the pages add both backstory and, um, futurestory. They won't, however, make much sense if you don't read the Shouts piece first.

Why go to all this trouble? I haven't the slightest idea.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hey, Daniel!

Thanks for the plug! And for believing that I have the power to bend the New Yorker to my marketing will. Next week, I've got the Times running a picture of the president reading my book (we're Photoshopping out a Mad magazine).

Tell me you saw the series finale of Gilmore Girls. How long until Rory Gilmore's blog on the Barrack Obama campaign is up and running?

Sorry. I can't watch everything, and GG never made the cut.

I don't blame you, it's a pretty bad show.

You better step off there, buddy, that chalk piece was the shit. For reals.

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