May 12, 2007

You never know where creationists will find evidence next!

god's beaver.jpg

From the kids section of the Creation Evidence Museum site. You know, just in case that Ricky Gervais humor was too sophisticated for your inner 14-year-old.

Not that there isn't a theological argument to be made...

Posted by Daniel Radosh


So God IS a woman?

Man, this site is packed with amazing factoids (which is to say, things that seem sort of fact-ish if you squint). "If a 'Big Bang' had shot out all the particles that somehow 'became' the planets in our Solar System, wouldn't they all be spinning the same direction? Uranus, Venus, Pluto, and at least six of the Solar System's 63 moons spin backward, or in the opposite direction as the other planets!" Take that, science!

Make sure you read the stuff about the pre-flood atmosphere. And really make sure you read "Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Strange Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture," coming next Spring from Scribner books.

I just read it. Holy shit, in more ways than one. So if the earth was like a giant hyperbaric chamber before the flood, then all the people looked like Michael Jackson? Maybe I'm reading this wrong.

I truly did not know that beavers have see-through eyelids. That is rad, man. I'm gonna have to do some thinking.

God couldn't find a better place to accumulate this evidence than Glen Rose, Texas?

Finally a museum that will want my potato chip shaped like God creating the universe. And that stone I found that looks like a slightly larger stone.

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