May 9, 2007

Polls agree: Michael Medved smells like urine

Huffington Post has lots of contributors who try to be funny and lots of contributors who are funny, but they are rarely the same people. An exception is Chris Kelly, who is so consistently, intentionally funny that I wonder if he knows he's writing for Huffington Post. I used to work with Chris years ago at Spy; he's now a writer for Bill Maher (I last saw him ten years ago when I wrote a profile of Maher for Details that soured me on writing celebrity profiles for good — half Maher's fault, half Details' and probably half my own).

Lately, Chris has been on a tirade against Michael Medved, which makes sense, since Michael Medved is a douchebag.

I hope this isn't one of those Joel Stein situations.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Medved is the John Stossel of the film world.

In case there's any confusion, I used "Joel Stein situation" to refer to potential disagreements about Chris Kelly, not about Michael Medved. I ASSUME no one here thinks Michael Medved isn't a douchebag.

Hey, I remember that Details profile. It was great. And, yeah, Chris Kelly is always funny.

Well, thanks, Steve, but I don't think it was my finest hour.

As I remember it, the profile had a pretty interesting take of what it was like behind the scenes at a TV show. Pack rat that I am, I probably still have a copy of the magazine here somewhere.
And, yes, that's kind of sad.

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