May 7, 2007

De-crucify him or I'll melt your face!

barbarellangel.jpg Why do Christians always think they invented the wheel? Here's Jane Fonda discussing her relatively recent faith in the new Rolling Stone.

I very much feel the presence of God, and that person is Jesus - I am utterly fascinated by this man. I feel what he preached was revolutionary, and it's totally what we need now. The most revolutionary statement anyone could make is "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Whew, man.

Yes, how revolutionary to quote something that had been established doctrine for 1,400 years.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Why do Christians always think they invented the wheel?"

Johnny Hart's fault.

I'd imagine, with all her plastic surgery, it must be hard to turn the other cheek.

You know, on this here thing we call the internet, the convention is to have a linked phrase link to something relevant. For instance, were I to be writing this post, I would probably have linked a source for the remark about "1,400 years" to the phrase "1,400 years".

But I guess that's why you're the blogger and I'm just a blog-reader. Always pushing the boundaries...

Thanks for the tip, Senator Stevens.

I mean, Senator Stevens.

I kid because I love :)

Likewise. But why the random punctuation after the word "love"?

That's not random punctuation, it's some kind of code the kids use these days. I think it signifies which of those scary internet gangs the poster is in.

I believe anno-nymous is in the Bloods, since he wears his parenthesis to the right.

If Jane thinks JC even imagined He was being an innovator, she should have a look at the narrative frame of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Looks a lot like long established doctrine there. -- Of course, some would say that established doctrine can often stand some explaining. If not incarnating.

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