May 7, 2007

They represent man's dual nature, see?

Doctor finds spiders in boy's ear

"It was real interesting, 'cause, two spiders in my ear — what next?"

Why, three more, of course!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


i saw spider-man 3 last night... it was actually better than I was expecting (and why did i bother, you might ask)... I didn't think much of the first two, in alot of ways this was the best one. definitely too many plots (the venom was the worst), but the real star is thomas hayden church as Sandman. he is great and they do a good job developing him (though they make him way too powerful in the action sequences, bummer). the real problem with the series, for me, is Sam rami, his horror movie sequences are boring...

When I was either in junior high or high school, a rumor swept through that Bubble-Yum contained spider eggs and if you chewed it, they'd hatch in your body.

And I always doubted it till now.

TVB - that's a classic.

I haven't seen S-M3 yet. Maybe this weekend, though I'm not expecting much. I'm surprised you didnt like 2, Jake. For my money, it's up there with X2 as one of the best superhero movies. Of course, I liked Darkman too.

Mmmmm, Darkman? One or two?Do I smell remake?


HA! LOL! What else can I come up with? What is the symbol for "you are retarded?" Remake Darkman?! Surely you jest Speedmonkey? Please. ..


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