May 3, 2007

It's our Aliens vs. Predator

Since I haven't been able to do much blogging this week, here's a quick installment of Clique vs. the Gemz. Team One are wholesome Christian post-toddlers who promote America. Team Two are fun-lovin' Jewish pre-hotties who promote Finger Lites Light Up Candy Rings. Choices, choices... Oh, look: Girl Authority has a new album out!

cliqueamerica.jpg paparazzilast.jpg

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wouldn't be a fair fight. The Gemz have rings. Or were you not suggesting an actual Alien vs. Predator style fight to the death?

pre-hotties vs post-toddlers. sweet. do you think the fbi has put you on any of its watch lists yet?

The funny thing is, when I wrote "post-toddlers" I intended specifically to communicate that my affection for Clique has nothing to do with sexual appeal, since even I can see that they are mere children and don't have any. Yet. I should have realized that my written record on the subject of pop starlets might easily lead readers to conclude the opposite.

Speaking of which, the Gem on the far left and the two on the right are all either 15 or 16. Which makes it in entirely good taste to say, I'd like to light up their candy rings.

Mr. Radosh, I am appalled!

How do you think your daughter feels?

Don't get me started.

There was a pair of sisters who were about 13 at the time of this article:


They are referred to as the Olsen Twins of hate or something.

Here is a page with a swell pic of them:


abe -- as you should have guessed, I was onto them way before Primetime Live.

I never was a good guesser. Looks like you have plenty of stuff about the sweet lil' nazis. Thanks.

Dan, you're a funny & insightful writer, but your obsession with prepubescent female pop acts is genuinely creepy. I didn't feel write not speaking up. Get some help, man. Good luck.

d'oh! I just said "write" when I meant "right". All this pedophilia talk done rotted my spellin' lobe!

This guy is sick. I'l give him a year till he hits the jail cell

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