April 28, 2007

Two girl bands enter. One girl band leaves.


Did I Clique too quick? That's what Dave wonders now that he's (re)discovered the Gemz (not to be confused with Jem and the Holograms), five girls aged 11 to 15 who refreshingly play down the pop tart angle in favor of a sexy tomboy one. Check out the rockin' title song from their new album, Blue is for Girls.

Donít tell me Iím pretty / I live in my faded blue jeans / Donít dress me in ribbons and pearls / because I believe blue is for girls

Right on. But can I tell you you're hott? (At least the 15 year old. I'm no perv.)

The different focus may have something to do with the fact that their Svengali is a Svengalette, an Israeli woman named Yamit Geiger, who sings sultry jazz standards. Not that the Gemz are above Huckapoo-like gimmicks. Did I mention that their "names" are Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond? All of which go great with faded blue jeans.

I'm still devoted to my Clique, mind you, but it looks like we may be headed to a clash of the teenie titans. Feel free to take sides in the comments. But first, watch this terrif Gemz live medley which opens with an amazing pop punk song about "young boys" that would arguably make a lot more sense if it wasn't sung by even younger girls.

Young boys follow me around / They pick me up and they put me down / I love to go to town / with those young boys

My guess is it was originally written for the Donnas.

Update: The girl's real Svengalette may be their mother. Apparently the family was on Wife Swap in February. Here's their household rules.

We are the beautiful people; make no mistake about that. In my world beauty and talent equal money and power. I run an ultra-successful modeling agency where I am the judge of who's got "it" and who falls short. I love every minute of being a star maker.

Now, I am aware that these are written by producers and exaggerated for dramatic/comedic purposes. But even if mom didn't write this, I have to question the judgment of anyone who would agree to even pretending she had. Does the old "no such thing as bad publicity" adage still count when you're publicizing an 11-year-old? Ask Ireland Baldwin!

Meanwhile, stage mom has apparently already killed off and replaced two of her daughter's original bandmates. Sleep with one eye open, girls.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Is "go to town" some kind of euphemism?

I'm assuming. I also love the hint of Ophelia-esque self-hatred in the "put me down" line. Way hot.

I thought maybe "Young Boys" was a remake of the Lords Of Acid song by the same name...

I thought they just meant that the young boys physically pick them up and then put them back down. Because if they're in the 12-year-old age range, I'm not sure they'd know what else to do with a girl besides that.

Before taking sides, I would need to hear from the Gemz' mom in this thread.

I'm actually trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this woman thinks she's one of the
beautiful people.

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