April 18, 2007

Closing the God gap

From the Barna Group, an evangelical polling firm.

If the 2008 election were held today, among born again voters, 37% would vote as a Democrat, 38% would be entering their ballot as a Republican.

Understanding the full import of this survey requires more analysis than I have time for right now (e.g., teasing out the white vs. black vote), but I thought this was worth putting out there.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I've been racking my brains for hours trying to measure the impact of voting vs. merely entering a ballot.

Well, that sentence goes on to say, "with the remaining born voters being unaffiliated," so unless they're advocating voting rights for the unborn (I knew yesterday's ruling was a slippery slope!) I'd say their strength is numbers, not words.

Ha, suck it, Dems! The sooner those evangelical nutters find some other party to leach off of, the better.

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