April 17, 2007

Shia LeBeouf, call your agent

This is probably the least important thing to say about Cho Seung-Hui's screenplays, but I thought this recurring motif was troubling.

From Richard McBeef:

Richard McBeef. What kind of name is that? What an asshole name. I don't like it.

From Mr. Brownstone.

I just said that his name sounds like kidney stone of the ass and that that's why he is always gruffy and angry.

I mean, it's just downright unfair for a writer to make fun of names that he gave the characters.

Also, "gruffy" is nice, but I don't think this is the proper use of "desecrated."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yeah, he will probably never be a successful playwright...

Too soon!

... OK, now it's all right.

As someone who reads scripts a lot I say with all sincerity that he is one of the few writers that actually means what he says.

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