April 11, 2007

Is it Granada I see or only Asbury Park?


The search is over. Boys and girls, meet Clique, "the youngest pop group in the history of music." Citation needed, as they say at Wikipedia, but at ages 10, 11 and 12, Ariel Moore and sisters Destinee and Paris Monroe are certainly precocious. After a few minutes on their MySpace I'm officially ready to declare them the Next Huckapoo. No shit, they are that good.

I know you don't believe me, but consider the evidence.

1. They have a song called Worth the Wait, which is only, like, the most awesomely creepy/sexy title possible for a song by pre-teen pop tarts. But more importantly: go listen to it. It genuinely rocks. While you're there, listen to The Girl Who Rules the World. Now tell me these girls don't have It.

2. Their names are Paris, Ariel and Desineeee (I know how to spell it, I just don't know when to stop!). As far as I can tell, these are the names their parents gave them, but if not, they were most likely the gift of...

3. This guy. Yep, that's their Svengali, who goes by the absolutely perfect name of Sal Dupree. No offense to Brian Lukow, but if you want to build an empire by exploiting little girls, I think you have to be a Sal Dupree. In fairness, I know nothing about the man, other than his name and what he looks like, which is probably enough. Oh, and he's got a whole harem of acts, none of whom are quite as awesome as Clique, but feast your eyes and ears on Elizabeth, Alexis, Stevi, Brandy, Bianca, Brittany, and Nikki. I'm beginning to think Sal did give the Clique girls their names.

Wait, here's the whiff of scandal you were looking for: "Something bad happened between Tiffany and Sal Dupree and she was no longer associated with him or his company..." Something bad? Please let it involve adult sophisticated magazines.

4. They're Jersey girls, so nothing else matters in the whole wide world, right?

5. They've already been fugged.

6. I can't prove anything, but I'm getting a Christian vibe. Maybe that's just God's way of telling me to stop this blog nonsense and get back to work on the book.

That's all I know about them now. Anything you can fill in, Dave?

More, much more, as these girls this story develops. Meanwhile, big thanks to J for the life-changing tip. After the jump, more photos.

Nothing says, "We're in a band" like a tour bus and a water bottle!


We could so kick Huckapoo's ass.


Well if you're sure it's not sleazy, Mr. Dupree.


[More on Clique]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Oh man... listen to the voice comments on their MySpace page. Especially #2.

Nope, don't know a thing about 'em, except that that's the Jonas Bros. in their MySpace pic (in the music player). They're on the Radio Disney concert circuit (like everyone else in the universe). Those names HAVE to be fake...only guy crazy enough to name his kid Destiny, let alone Destinee, is Billy Ray Cyrus (yep, DESTINY "Miley" Hope Cyrus). DESTINY HOPE. THAT IS A NAME.

Uh, anyway. Anyone whose stage name is Paris can't be all bad. Are any of them Type 1 diabetics? There's still time unless that pesky cure goes anywhere. (PS when the Beaties go indie they will be called The Beta Cell Band. Nah.) See if I can't google anything after I find out which loser got cut this week on AmIdol.

Thanks, Dave, but I hate to break it to you: According to Name Voyager, Destiny is the 32nd most popular girl's name in the country. Destinee is at 524, and Destini and Destiney are at 795 and 932.

Oh brave new world that has such tweens in it.

They have also opened for THE STAR GIRLS FROM PLANET GROOVE. Musical samples here.

OK that's awesome.

These girls are ALL OVER Philly. I've probably walked past them at some point...bah, if only I'd gone to the stupid Sly statue thing I'd 'a had a scoop!

Just one of those nights...Big Sally also manages Tiffany Evans, who I guess I've heard of before maybe? She won one of those TV talent show things. Anyway, she's pretty good! She's on the prude-pop bandwagon (like Hilary w/ "Dignity" and Ashley Tisdale with "Not Like That") with "Girls Gone Wild" where she asks a particularly underdressed GGW if she's trying to catch a cold.

(Well she won Star Search in 2003. She's been in a couple of films I've heard of but never seen...and she appeared on the Kid's Choice Awards with Ciara. She is a little bit like mini-Ciara, v. android-diva.)

That's the Tiffany who broke up with Sal.

Always one step ahead. Fergie is still great.

So if Destinee ever has a kid (y'know, after puberty and stuff), and the kid also decides to be a pop star, what do you think the name of the group should be?

Surely yr thinking of Destinee's Progenee?

Heir to Destinee!

Thank you so much for all the great compliments Dave. Allot of great things are happening for our girls right now. Very soon the whole world will know who they are. Thanks again for all your support.

PS. Yes, That is their real names.


Wait, why does Dave get the credit? Clique is my discovery, dammit!

But thanks for writing Louis. Your girl is a hell of a singer. Just keep an eye on Sal. So far he's making wise musical choices and even better fashion ones, but I've seen too many promising pop stars dashed to bits on the shoals of destiny (destinee?) by captains with a poor sense of direction.

Note to Sal: The easiest way to get me on your side is to start feeding me news/compliments/demo recordings. I'm a total sucker. Just ask Lukow.

Hi Radosh, My apologies, then we thank you for all your kind words about our girls. About Sal, he was their vocal coach for some years. He is very respected, very talented, and a very nice man. In a very large MySpace world you found our girls. Again we thank you for all your support.


Hey! Why does RADOSH get all the credit? I discovered these girls a couple months ago when they friended me on MySpace. Guess I should've blogged about them. Or at least top-friended them. Then again, I must think of the people I'd be exposing them to...you know, the dudes who shouldn't be caught dead browsing through teen pop...or rather, they SHOULD be caught, dead or alive.

Ashley - you are so right. With all the creeps out there, one really can't be too careful these days.

OMG! Have you seen their new WEBSITE!


IT"S AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I think these Girlzzzz are FABULOUS!
True STARSSS!!!!


Look how far they've gotten...

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