April 10, 2007

Ironically, her web site makes the baby Jesus cry

If you've been following the US attorneys scandal, you know that Monica "Fifth Amendment" Goodling is a precocious key player. If you've been following closely, you know that Goodling is a product of those second-rate evangelical schools where students are groomed for careers in Republican politics.

What you may not have realized is just how second-rate those schools are. Yesterday, Wonkette dug up Goodling's web site from her days as a graduate student at Pat Robertson's Regent University.

Take a look. This isn't some high schooler's folly. She's got her résumé up there, so she's at least hoping that employers will see it. The idea that somebody could reach law school and still write/think this way is hilarious. The idea that a few short years later this person could be an official in the Justice Department is horrifying. Even John "Ascroft" should've known better.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


To be fair, Dahlia Lithwick posted a link on Saturday.

Which is how I found out that she attended my law school for only one year. Phew.

I've got me a lady with web design skills but if I didn't, I'd want to [part one of religious metaphor] her [part two of religious metaphor].

the essay is worth reading just for the badness - even just the first sentence. Throwing away Yugos? What?

Well, do you know anyone who still has a Yugo

Yugo! Hilarious! That's funny. I'm talking Don Imus funny.

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