April 9, 2007

Man, is he gonna be surprised to find himself in Hell

Back in college, any time someone famous died my friend Ben would shake his head sadly and say, "Why not Bil Keane?"

That's still usually the best response to a celebrity death, but this time I'll settle.

Oh man, I'm so not getting one of those blogger civility seals.

Speaking of which, just in case my obligation to finish this fucking book prevents me from churning out a satire of the proposed seals, I want it known that at least I thought of it immediately. No one's gonna say I'm not still a predictable hack, dammit.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Newcombe said "B.C." and "Wizard of Id" would continue. Family members have been helping produce the strips for years, and they have an extensive computer archive of Hart's drawings to work with, he said."

Well, fuck. Just when you thought a celebrity death would put an end to their shitty output...

Yowch. That's bad news. I mean the stuff Fritz posted.

It leads to a thought experiment, would a watered-down, slightly off-kilter B.C. be less bad or more bad than the original? You'd imagine they couldn't possibly continue the tradition of explicit Jew- and muslim-baiting, but they might make a couple half-hearted stabs at it, just to keep the right flavor, no?

Related, at least to my mind: Whoever's doing Dennis the Menace has done an OK job capturing Ketcham's idiosyncratic graphic style, but barely a week goes by that I don't read one of Dennis's captions and say "No. Dennis wouldn't say that." You'd imagine that someone taking over a strip would be as intimately familiar with it as a longtime casual reader, but no. What, is there an academy that trains young cartoonists to just go out and take over whatever dead cartoonist's strip, after reading three or four week's worth?

There was an old Harper's Index stat...

Number of filing cabinets full of jokes in Bob Hope's fireproof vaults: 33

Number of these that contain jokes he has not yet used: 17

Fire can be your friend.

Sunday morning will never be the same. 0_0
"The stuffed pig looks very good."
"What did the waiter say?"
"He said you look wonderful."

Your blog entry here is hardly uncivil. After all, it's not as if you depited Bill Keane with his head next to a noose ---- and a dashed line showing how his head would go around the yard, over the fence, through the rose bushes to get to the noose.

"Oh man, I'm so not getting one of those blogger civility seals."

That's a good thing.

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