March 28, 2007

Dude, get an Xbox

There's a front page article in the New York Times today about kids who asphyxiate themselves for kicks. At first glance it seemed ripe for a Jack Shafer takedown, but it's actually written fairly responsibly. However, Kevin did point out the unintentionally funny ending.

Levi, who has vowed to his parents never to play the game again, was fielding text messages on the couch as his father spoke. Mr. Draher said his son had moved on these days to other interests — girls and cars.

Hes smelling perfume and gasoline, Mr. Draher said with a smile.

Two days later, Levi died from huffing perfume and gasoline.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


What's that line from Better Off Dead? When they're buying whipped cream? "I wish we lived in a town where we buy real drugs?"

yo daniel, i just saw bill richardson on the daily show and i remembered why it is i adore him so and why he must become president.

he has dimples! he is totally the darlingest thing. dream ticket: richardson/obama.

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