March 22, 2007

Ann Coulter was right

Waaa waaa waaa! I can't run for president because my wife has breast cancer.

I guess I'm leaning Obama now, but I'm open to being talked into Bill Richardson if anyone wants to try.

Update: Scratch that. It's Politico's worst scoop since slow bleed! Instant analysis, cynical bastard division: A) It was a publicity stunt. B) Edwards doesn't care if his wife dies. He's power mad!

On a serious note, I am still intrigued by Richardson. But has the new primary schedule condemned him?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


He's still in it, thank God.

For which part?

Happy belated birthday.

I like Richardson, too. But is he maybe too unapologetically intellectual -- too grown up -- to win national office? I feel like people in the sticks (I'm allowed to make these demeaning generalizations because I live in small-town Iowa) will be weirded out by his prior stint as U.N. Ambassador, and by his general aura of, like, book-learnin.' (Obama, meanwhile, doesn't give off that smarty-pants vibe, even though he was President of the Harvard Law Review. I hate Harvard, -- and especially hate the law school, since it rejected me -- but I have to admit: President of Harvard Law Review = bright. And bright, I've come to feel, is good.)

But I also like Edwards and Obama. And -- hell -- Chris Dodd!

I worry, though -- are these guys going to hang in for the long haul, chipping away at the anti-Hillary vote and easing her path to victory? (Ugh -- the Tom Vilsack endorsement really burns me.)

Is Hillary really going to win this nomination? Please say it ain't so.

Totally unrelated comment: was anyone else amused by this week's Time cover? It's totally in-your-face -- and it's about produce. ("Forget organic." Q1: What does that mean? Why should I "forget" organic produce? Q2: Why didn't they go all the way -- you know they wanted to -- and just say: "Fuck organic?")

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