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March 16, 2007

Better yet, the publicist's name is Carson from Freud Communications

hot-ass-teacher.jpgDetails is trying to gin up some controversy over their ridiculous It's so awesome that hot female teachers are having sex with their underage students article. I just got an e-mail from a flack asking me to blog about it. "Looking forward to hearing your thoughts," he writes.

You got it, pal: Holy crap, is Details the gayest magazine in the world or what? Is this really your idea of how straight guys talk?

This month, Allena Ward, a 23-year-old South Carolina middle school teacher, was charged with banging five teen studs, and Marcia Amsterdam, a speech teacher at junior high in Brooklyn, was charged with spreading her thighs for a 13 year old... But, hey, at least it obviates the need for that awkward, sperm-curdling rite of passage known as the birds and the bees. After Junior's been properly serviced by his teacher's hungry mouth, Dad probably doesn't have to tell him where the ho-ho goes.

Seriously, you are not fooling anyone. It's just embarrassing.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


And so original! I believe that premise has been publicly suggested by only every comedian ever.

Shades of Spy mag's RETAILS parody with its awesomely "butch" columnists.

Also, what is that under the woman's eyes? It's like the eyeblack worn by athletes, only white. Is it me?

It's you, Tom. She's wearing half-lens glasses. All teachers wear glasses, didn't you know that? They make you smart, and stuff.

P.S. Daniel -- this post was really fucking funny. Cheers for the laugh.

P.P.S. Ho-ho?

Isn't it possible that you're just jealous of Details' clever setup and payoff? These kids have had sex, and so - wait for it - now they won't need the birds and the bees talk. Har har har.

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