March 5, 2007

Shouldn't that be HimTube?

banana9bz.jpg It was bound to happen: GodTube, the Christian answer to YouTube. One of the featured videos today is the classic Banana: The Atheist's Nightmare, which has been succinctly destroyed over at SatanTubeYouTube. Apparently, even the GodTubers aren't impressed. Or else, just maybe, some heathens have snuck in. Comments include:

"This reminds me of a scene in The DaVinci Load!" —ChoofMonster

"GOD MADE THE BANANA THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" —jeebusluver

"Pineapples anyone?" —BluePizza

"WOW! this guy has just disproved all of evolution with a banana! i wish i was as clever as him. maybe i should read my bible more." —religiousfreak

"Boy, do I feel foolish." —RichardDawkins

I give the site six months.

[Hat tip: Craig S]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It'll be interesting to keep an eye on this and see if any of the Christian bands, speakers, entertainers, etc. who make their $$$ off their content will want to have stuff taken down from G-Tube (a la Viacom w/Y-Tube). (More likely it'll be some mega-music distributor speaking on behalf of the label or artist, but still...)

If this occurs, how will they respond to the argument that a) If they are spreading the W of G, and b) More people would see that message with G-Tube than without, then c) They would be preventing people from hearing the W/G by interfering with their stuff being posted on it.

I also wonder how long before that site gets inundated with pr0n clips.

Christian teens already apply that same argument to illegal file sharing, which is as popular with them as with anyone else. The industry's response, and I'm paraphrasing here, is "fuck you."

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