February 28, 2007

It's no info-pimps

TS at Martini Republic has spotted what he believes is the most clueless sentence in the history of the New Yorker.

From the capule review of Norbit:

Though less than the sum of its parts, the movie is, even when not quite funny, nothing less than virtuosic—and if there’s any justice in pop culture, it should coin a new catchphrase: “How you doin’?”

As TS asks: "Can you write about pop culture for The New Yorker without having seen an episode of Friends?"

Now I haven't, and don't intend to, see this movie, but a quick Google search suggests that "Rasputia's" use of this phrase is substanitally different from Joey's. Still, it's hard to really call it new.

So is it really the most clueless sentence ever in The New Yorker? Well, that lady who didn't know there was a seal on top of her bed was pretty clueless, but that's a little different. You could probably find some competition somewhere, but does anyone really want to go back and read every word Gopnik has written about his kids?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I've never watched Friends in my life but know the phrase "how you doing" from the Budweiser commercials. Considering the billions od dollars Budweiser spends, there is no way an american who watched an hour of television in 2004 could not have seen it at least once.

Aw, everyone's always picking on Gopnik. Surely he doesn't deserve more than half of it.

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