February 12, 2007

Even Jonah Goldberg couldn't lose this bet

pigtails.jpg in a column titled Pigtails and Porn — so I really had no choice in selecting an image for this post — Kathleen Parker is outraged about a new study showing that lots of kids see pornography on the internets, mostly without wanting to. Hey, I agree that this is a Bad Thing. But Parker is so outraged that her brain simply shut off half way through writing the column.

I'm not talking about all the dubious and discredited psychological and moralistic mumbo jumbo that makes up most of the column (and which isn't even worth responding to at this point). What caught my eye is one sentence in particular, which comes as part of a digression on diaper fetishists.

"Here's a bet: We'll see hate-joke legislation to protect the certifiably fragile psyches of 'adult babies,' as they call themselves, before we see anything aimed at protecting real children from Internet porn."

Like, say, the Communications Decency Act (1996), the Child Online Protection Act (1998) or the Children's Internet Protection Act (2000)?

Given Parker's fairly low standard — "anything," "aimed at" — can we agree that if it has variations of the words "protecting," "children," and "Internet" in the name, that it is a thing aimed at protecting children on the Internet?

I wonder if she's betting real dollars or Linden.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I really had no choice in selecting an image for this post

But the cub scout uniform is a nice touch.

That's a Boy Scout uniform. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Oh. I thought it was a Postal Service uniform and didn't quite get it. Nor care, really, being somewhat distracted by the rest of the outfit.

Since when are there blue Boy Scout uniforms?

The girl Boy Scout uniforms are blue.

As a guy who earned every major badge in the Cub and Boy Scouts from Bobcat to Eagle, that's definitely a cub scout uniform.

I'd like to earn a merit badge in her!

It may not be an official uniform, but it definitely says Boy Scouts of America.

Cub uniforms say "Boy Scouts of America" as well. Yes, I'm a dork--my mother was a Den Mother, my father a Cubmaster.

Um, I think you mistyped "insert" as "earn" back there.

She looks young, but not Cub Scout young. Maybe she's a Den MILF.

Her underwear is mismatched colors. Don't any of you guys have any esthetic standards?

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