February 6, 2007

Also, I Googled whether your mother loves you and it doesn't check out either

"People who pick up questionable things and present them as real are info-pimps. I just invented that word. I like the sound of it." —Charles M. Madigan, Chicago Tribune


[ChiTrib column via Romenesko]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


You mean "Charles M. Madigan" as in the anagram "HE'S A CRAMMING LAD"?

Since then it's added another 100 hits. I guess Infopimp added some classy ladies to his stable.

The best part is that "info-pimps" is about a decade old, at minimum.

Hey, I just invented a new word: "blog."

That guy is a bag of douche. I made up that phraseology just this minute.

Love the subtle Medill dig.

I live in New York. I think I'll call myself a New Yorker. Hey! That's catchy, by jingo!

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